We stock Growmoor Compost in a range of sizes and varieties, according to season. Below is a list of currently available composts.

Tomato and Vegetable growbags available soon!

Multipurpose60litre£6.00 per bag3 bags for £16.50
Peat Free + Seaweed50 litre£7.00 per bag3 bags for £20.00
Container and Basket60 litre£7.00 per bag3 bags for £20.00
Bark Chippings60 litre£7.00 per bag
Farmyard Manure50 litre£5.00 per bag
Top Soil35 litre£5.00 per bag
Rose Tree and Shrub60 litre£7.00 per bag3 bags for £20.00
Ericaeous Compost60 litre£8.00 per bag
John Innes Seed35 litre£5.00 per bag
John Innes No 335 litre£5.00 per bag
Horticultural Grit various£2.50 small bag£7.50 large bag
Silver Sandvarious£3.50 small bag£7.50 large bag