Christmas Wreath Workshops

We have made holly wreathes on the nursery for over 60 years. Made on a traditional moss 12″ frame, they can be left plain for graves or decorated up for doors.

We are offering workshops for you to make and decorate your own wreath to your own specifications. We provide the mossed frame, foliage (holly green and variegated, spruce/fir, and conifer), basic decorations and ribbon, also wire, tools and implements needed. You will need to provide rubber gloves (Marigolds are best!), any extra foliage you want to include (eg eucalyptus, rosemary) and any bespoke decorations you have.

Each workshop lasts one and a half to two hours and can accomodate up to ten people. We work in a greenhouse, so protected from the worst of the weather, but you will still need to dress for the weather. Fingerless gloves or mits to go over rubber gloves are good if the weather is cold!

To book a place, or for more information, please email or message on facebook

Some of previous workshop creations!